Creating beauty and order in the space between outdoors and indoors. 

At Ian Moore Design, we create lasting rooms that are open to the influence of the sun, wind and rain while creating a sense of place and comfort for people. We believe that there is no greater beauty than the interplay of finely crafted architectural objects balanced with the atmosphere afforded by the outdoor elements. In order to achieve a durable and lasting impact in this setting, we rely on attention to detail in design, selection of appropriate quality materials, and a high level of craftsmanship in our installations.

Kensington outdoor kitchen.png

An eclectic,
inspired approach

Our design is influenced by the myriad influences at play in the Bay Area - from the ancient to the cutting edge - Japanese gardens, Moorish and Mission Revival, the Craftsman tradition, California Modernism, and on to current sustainable technologies.

We have the capacity to work with a wide variety of materials as dictated by our client’s vision. We are experts in wood, metal, stone, concrete, and plants and are alway enthusiastic to expand our palette and techniques. Each design and installation project is an opportunity for us to further our craft, mastery and passion.

License #981315

Ian Moore and his crew transformed an old, mishmash, chopped up space in our back yard into a bright, open, clean, inviting bluestone patio that has transformed our backyard.
— Valerie, Client